Who can volunteer?

Anyone willing to dedicate their time, effort and energy towards changing lives is welcome into our team! Timely and regular action is the only pre-requisite.

How do volunteers work?

We do not run a shelter or center so we do not require your physical presence every day. Most of our work is done virtually, so volunteers need to be both tech savvy and regularly responsive online.

What kind of volunteer can you be?

You can volunteer for more than one role depending on your ability to contribute.

Adoption Coordinator

Every coordinator is assigned 3 cases on average, wherein they are responsible for finding homes for the animals allotted.

The coordinator would be the point of contact between the potential adopting family and the rescuer/shelter. Maintaining regular communication on both fronts is crucial.

Coordinators need to actively work in the following manner:

House Check Volunteer

The volunteer will be asked to conduct house checks primarily in and around the area they reside in.

They play an important role in explaining the specific needs of the dog as well as answering any questions the potential adopters may have. Post this, a house check report is to be sent to PfaC which would enable us to determine suitability of the adoption request.

Social Media Volunteer

This involves managing our Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter and website.

The volunteer will be responsible for maintaining the quality of the content which goes up on our online platforms.

The volunteer will also have to maintain the schedule of our online posts and coordinate with all team members.

Photographer or Designer

The photographer will be responsible to taking photographs of dogs which need to be posted for adoption as well as events organized by PfaC.

The services of a graphic designer would be required to help create designs for the posters/images that go up on our social media platforms as well as our merchandise that is sold to raise funds for our cases.

All our volunteers work pro bono- Paws for a Cause functions solely on donations and we are therefore unable to pay our volunteers.

Before volunteering, we ask people to remember that this is actual work, not a past time. We function as an adoption agency and help change lives, so we are only looking for people who are dedicated and understand that as an adoption coordinator, some time is needed every day to work on their cases.

Recruitment form link: https://goo.gl/forms/mfBjDodMkUVk1D632

We add people every two months so hearing back may take some time. Volunteers are recruited based on their form responses so please give them proper thought.

Thank you!